Concrete Floating Docks

Concrete Floating Docks

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Bradford Marine Builds and Installs Concrete Floating Docks

Bradford Marine Contractors, Inc. offers the design, engineering and manufacturing of concrete floating docks utilizing a waler style connection system. All of the dock components and accessories are produced and delivered with a strong commitment to high-quality manufacturing and dedicated customer service.

Pedestrian and boat safety are some of the most obvious advantages to having a concrete floating dock, but positive environmental influences and simple convenience are also perfect reasons to install a concrete dock. These docks are designed to feel solidly safe, and the surface allows for secure movement even with the rising and falling of the tide. For boaters, the docks end the task of having to calculate how much line is needed to compensate for rising and falling tides. Additionally, boat owners can feel confident with the protection offered by a floating dock knowing that there won’t be problems when the tide changes.

Other benefits of concrete floating docks are that they're rugged, strong and stand up well to salt water, ice and heat with very little maintenance required. They have a long life-span, and they are environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

The Bradford Marine concrete floating docks are customizable and can be manufactured to fit any specifications. ¬†Concrete floating docks are modular and can be configured to our clients’ site demands. Attachment to anchors or pilings can be easily designed, taking into account the exposure to wind and wave action. Utility conduits are incorporated into the construction at the beginning so that electrical lines and cables remain securely and permanently housed in the concrete.



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